Control Center

iOS Concept

To create an efficient and faster way to access ongoing and everyday use applications.

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Prime Objective

An iPhone with its series of numerous applications may sometimes get difficult when we’re trying to locate a single application. What if we find a way to easily access our most commonly used apps by simply opening the control center? This would not only save us time but also eliminate the frustration caused by the tedious app searching process.


Once while trying to call a ride via my Uber App, I realized my driver was going to take 10mins to reach which is why I decided to exit the app and opt for an alternate app. So, I began accessing other apps on my iPhone to explore more options. Now, when I wanted to check how much more time my driver would take, I had to search for the app again in my universe of apps and then click on it, wait for it to load and then check the time for the driver to arrive. I did this a couple of times and was very frustrated with the process. It struck me that since we have our frequently-used features like Bluetooth, WiFi etc. readily accessible in the Control Center itself, it would be a great to have our applications listed there as well.

I then thought of counting the number of steps it would take in an everyday situation to access my Uber App. I realized it took me 7 steps to locate the actual application and reckoned we might actually have an easier way to resolve this problem.

SWOT Analysis

I figured a SWOT process would help me confirm if I can figure out the real problems and eventually figure out a solution by thinking over the uses and opportunities this concept could offer

Problems faced

However helpful this concept can be, it does not change the fact that having a bunch of applications running in the control center at once will drain the battery -and suck on the network. To avoid this in the first place, I keep killing applications if I am not using them.


When it comes to currently running applications, making use of only a part of the application that is required at that moment will help save on both the network and battery usage.

Everyday applications like Facebook, Twitter, PayPal have features that are used a bunch of times every single day even at an hourly basis sometimes. Having these application’s stand out features listed on the control center will help improve the ease and access to the same.

Initial Setup

To decide on what applications should appear on the Control Center, the user will need to enter the control center and do a custom setup. I began by sketching out the ways in which the process could be achieved.

Initial Setup Low Fidelity

Keeping in mind the design standards of iOS, I designed a low fidelity wireframe to help me understand the process better

High Fidelity wireframes

After jotting down points for important features of different applications, I designed a few screens of the top applications on my iPhone.

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