Personal Digital Wardrobe

To create a digital space for you to prepare yourself everyday from the hassle of picking clothes

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What is WRDRB?

Wrdrb will serve as your personal stylist and help you pick out what is best for you to wear every day. By studying the different kind of fashion trends through image scraping, you can be assured to have the best-looking outfit for any function. Wrdrb syncs with your Amazon store account and will know about the clothes you have in your Wardrobe/Closet. In addition to that you will also have the facility to keep a track of your clothes from outside of Amazon by simply clicking a pic and uploading it to the Wrdrb app. This way based on the current fashion trend or your own personal style, Wrdrb will help you pick out the best combination to put on.


Every morning seems to be a mind racking task when it comes to pick up clothes to wear for the day. Not just that, it is also almost impossible to pick out something to wear when you need to attend a function.


Create an app that would study your fashion sense and the current fashion trends and pick out clothes for you to wear from your own Wardrobe/Closet. This will not only save time but also make you have your own fashion designer to dress up to mark.

SWOT Analysis

I figured a SWOT process would help me confirm if I can figure out the real problems and eventually figure out a solution by thinking over the uses and opportunities this concept could offer


I conducted a short survey with 50 people and learned how helpful would WRDRB be for the regular shoppers and fashion enthusiasts. Most of our demographic lies in the age group of 17yrs to 35yrs. Our research and survey helped us track down the two most important features to concentrate on which are: Managing the Wardrobe & Quick Combinations

Daksh Goenka was one of our very first interviewees who loves shopping (mostly Amazon) and other retail stores. Daksh is 23 years old with a steady income from a part time job and is currently also pursuing his Masters. We also interviewed a bunch of other people who fall under a similar category as Daksh.

Studying the Competition

We first worked on studying the available closet organizing applications in the market. On reading reviews and also trying these applications, we were able to deduct a few potholes to be avoided and also learnt on what more can be offered. Wrdrb will stand out from the rest of the pack on its ability to sync with various online stores, mostly Amazon and also link wit fashion sites/blogs to help our users stay up to date with the trends. Shopping will be made easier based on the available clothing already present.

Following are the names of a few of the applications already available: Closet +, Pureple, ClosetSpace...

User Personas

Considering the huge demographic, I learnt that the age group 17-25 is a major chunk of the likely population to use Wrdrb. I also found an incrementing graph in the age group of 30-40 who are business professionals but also enjoy online shopping.

Structuring User Needs

Conducting this part of the process helps in building a strong strctural foundation for the application to build upon.

User flow

Low Fidelity: Setup

I began creating a low fidelity mockup which was an essential part of the discussion to move forward and decide on the user flow and other funtionalities

High Fidelity: Login

High Fidelity: Import from Amazon

High Fidelity: Manual Import

Logo Ideation

Next Project

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